Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Pimping the Blogz

I figured I would do some Blog pimping today as well as adjusting the Blogroll and adding a defunct category. What the hell. I never normally pimp Blogs but I read all of you guys. So let’s start with the top. I have REALLY been enjoying the Card’s Speak lately. I normally like the site, but it has been outstanding lately. So go by and read the latest fiction story. It kind of creeps me out because I do not want to event think about that kind of thing happening.. shudder. It is almost like a Halloween Horror Story for Poker Players!

I have been playing a lot lately with WiredAces/Predator. He says he never wins when he sits at my table. I checked Poker Tracker and he is right. So I figure he has paid for a promo. I originally thought his site was Wired Aces which is a good site, however it is Poker Quest. His original quest was for 2K, but he has already hit that. He is setting new goals for the month of November. Tune in and see how he does. Congrats to him on hitting the BB Jackpot on Party Poker for 15K! Guess he really will need to re-adjust his goals!

StudioGlyphic is another great Blogger to play with. We usually do not meat at the 3/6 level but I will always go and play some 25NL or ½-2/4 with him! A lot of fun!

Diary of A Poker Slut! The name says it all. Probably a 13 year old boy but an old guy like me can dream, right? Heh. Just Kidding Amanda! She has a nice writing style. Very refreshing. Playing the 5 cent micro limits and crushing them! Heh. My favorite line in her recent post

“Despite a bad run this weekend (four losing sessions in a row) I've still come out ahead 13 of my last 24 sessions. Over 675 hands, I've posted an average of nearly 3c/hand. Not an amazing total, I have to admit, but just think if I could take that to the $5/$10 limit tables and I might start to make some real money.”

Take it slow sister Blogger! The 5/10 limit tables are NOTHING like the 5 cent tables. I wish you the best of luck. If you do not go crazy playing the five cent tables you might make it to the real money.

Welcome Chris Halverson’s friend Drac into the Blogger fold. Only one post so far but we will see if the bug bit deep. Another guy I keep taking money from (heh) Under a Blu Moon. He plays 3/6 like myself and is pretty good! At least that is what Poker Tracker tells me. If you want to know how to beat him send 19.95 and a SASE to me and I will send you the manual!

As always there are the usual suspect in Anisotropy, Bad Blood, Chris Halverson, The Commish, Tao of Poker, Guiness and Poker, Poker and Poker, you get the idea! Always a lot of gems out there! They are all out to the right there so keep reading and keep winning.


Blogger JohnnyHarp said...

What's it gonna take for some pimpage?

1:21 PM

Blogger skitch said...

No kidding! Maybe we have to sit at a table with him and lose $50 or so to him to make us memorable to the high and mighty SirFWALGMan! ;)

3:53 PM

Blogger Predator314 said...

Ummm... I don't think $50 is gonna cover it. I've probably dropped over at least $100-150 on Sir's tables that past week or two.

5:45 AM

Blogger Diboss said...

Maybe we should all get SirF at a table and take his money! Yes, that would make me feel better about not being mentioned. And no, it doesn't matter that there are obviously too many of us for him to mention without writing a book. And so what if we're being big babies about being left out? We need love too you know! Ahh crap, I think I've got something in my eye :'(

7:23 AM

Blogger Blu said...

Your freakin run o'flushes will only last so long SirF! lol - always a pleasure..............


10:54 AM


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