Monday, December 06, 2004

Another day another dollar

A small profit tonight. I actually gave back a little the night before. I hit a gutshot straight again, with a Q. I think whenever I need a Q I am betting. At least this time I had 11-1 to make the 1-BET call.

I met up with a Maniac table tonight! Every round was raised. Never was there not a pre-flop raise. The reason this happened was because on guy was raising and re-raising everything! I got mad at first. I then decided to bet back into him with decent hands. He bets to the river with A-10 vs my A-Q to give me my first good pot. I then flop a pair of Aces with a BAD kicker, like a 3! He bets me down to the river. I am raising him whenever I can because I know he bets any hand. I was expecting to lose. I win and type into the chat “I love you man!”. So basically he won me about $100 in 20 minutes and I folded the table to play with the Bloggers.

I had my usual poor performance tonight at the Blogger table. Picked up a nice pot off Studio early on, and bluffed my way to a win on a second pot. Folded two sets of cards that would have turned out making Boats! Damn! I then decide to go all in with KQ diamonds with two diamonds on the flop. Figure it’s a 33% chance I win and double up. Trip 9’s beats me and I am out. Oh well. –28 BB/100 is not that bad, right? At least it is statistically insignificant! Would not mind having the $200 back though. *sigh*. It is always awesome playing with Bloggers though! –EV +FUN –SLEEP! I have a job you guys!

I have decided I need to start taking money out of Empire. So at the end of this month whatever amount I am over 3K I am going to split in half and throw into the savings account. It will be nice to finally make a profit (I hope). We shall see how we can do this month!


Blogger Human Head said...

(Start Homer Simpson voice) **mmmmmm, maniacs, augghhhhh**

6:17 AM

Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

I don't know if you've already set up a retirement savings account for yourself or not, but it'd be a good idea. I wrote up some stuff about investing in index funds here:

You could take that $1500 of poker profits and put it into a fund of your choice as seed money, then set up a monthly or bi-weekly automatic transfer from your bank account into the fund.

Pffbt. What am I saying? You don't need to save for retirement. You can play poker when you're 70 and rake it in from all the young punks.

11:21 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Screw the stock Market: 100% Risk, 100% Reward! That is my idea of a good bet!

11:50 AM


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