Saturday, December 04, 2004

Tired as Hell

I played the Blogger table again! I lost. *sigh*. The first buyin was a sacrifice to the Poker Gods - 27o all in just after the flop! Oh well. It seemed to work as my second buyin got up to almost $60. I then dwindled it down and went all in against Pauly. Pauly has a flush and straight draw. I think I misplayed my hand. If I had gone all in first he *might* have though about it. However since he had a great draw and double my stack he probably would have called. So there goes $50. Oh well. I ended up actually make a few bucks tonight. I played alot of 3/6, busted out once, and made some modest gains on others to end the night up around $40. Not too shabby. I will take it. I am going to take a break for the weekend and then hit the tables hard again starting Monday! Should be fun.


Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

I had an open ended straight flush draw... I probably would have chased!! Nice playing with you... again.

9:27 AM


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