Saturday, December 04, 2004

Rising Tide

Still plugging away. Had a nice MONSTER table! I got my stack up to almost 83BB! For those newbies that is about $500 on a $150 buyin. You know, about a years salary for Sebas! Ok, maybe only a month. I also busted out of a table and went way up on a third. All in all not a bad showing! It is nice to see the old Bankroll getting healthy again! The stats are looking good too. Over 9K hands I am 3.51/BB 100 and rising. My rating is anywhere between TA-N and sLA-P at any given time. I think I am more of a sLA-P player trying to increase his aggression levels. Somethings working anyways. Nice to be out of the funk that 5/10 put me into.


Blogger Human Head said...

First time comment, reader for some time. Thanks for the regular posts, glad to see your B/R rising again. It's always nice to see someone successfully get through a rough spot.

12:41 PM


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