Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Variance why am I your Bitch?

I have huge issues with variance and I really need to get them under control. I guess I have not been playing this game very long, so I have time. Tonight is another night and we shall see.

I had a nice little chat with HDouble last night. Nice guy. Interesting. He gave me some advice and I am going to try it out tonight. Will let you know if it works in 10,000 hands. How's that for long term thinking? Not good? Well, I have to take baby steps. One of the suggestions I am going to try tonight is a little 3-Table action. I figure I have been doing two for a while and should try and spread the variance out a little. We shall see..

I finally got over to Paulies Truckin' site. It was very cool. If you have not been there try it out. I read everyone's stories. Some were a little obvious, but the writing was solid, and I enjoyed them all. For the record my favorite was the "Good Guy" one. Why? I guess it is fun to put yourself in a situation you would LOVE to be in, but that is so out of character for you that you know it would never happen. Go read the story and you will get what I am saying. I would never do that! Hell, I have enough problems just trying to talk to women.

It definatly inspires me to try to do some writing myself. I have always enjoyed reading and writing. I never really liked most of what I wrote though. I am not sure why. I have problems wraping the whole story up in a air of suspense and anticipation. I am too direct. Where a writer might take two or three paragraphs to describe a hot blonde I like two words. It gets the point across. heh. So if I can muster up some time and feel like putting some effort into it I will give it a shot. If not I am sure it is no great loss to the world.


Blogger Predator314 said...

Just curious, what kind of advice did he give you? If you don't want to share it on the site, but would still like to fill me in, you can email me at

Thanks, good luck!

7:56 PM


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