Thursday, December 02, 2004

Nice Night

I have had a decent night for once. Nothing major. No monster. Few hundred up. Feels good to stop losing for a change. I did get lucky and river a few people for a change. I do not think it was on really bad hands. I had a nice open ended straight draw and a backdoor flush draw. It was interesting. The table really yelled at me when I made that one. I think I had enough outs to justify playing it. That table then became alot of fun. They were whining about the bad players (hmm, sounds familiar), and I was taunting them and having a grand ole time. It was fun. How Poker is supposed to be!

One note in the comments. If your going to post anonymous comments at least put a name or nickname down in the comment. Then when I see your moronic comments again I can yell at you by name! Heh. I do not care what you say that two outer was a MAJOR suckout! I agree I probably overreacted to the beat. However that is more because of the horrible couple of weeks I have been having. So be it. I really should never whine when I get bad beats, but some days are tougher than others.. and what are friends for if not listening to me whine.

I plan on kicking around a few SNGs and the 25/NL table if it is on tonight! Whatever happens I am happy with the night I have had and needed some good news. I have no idea how people go through year long losing streaks and keep their sanity! I guess you need to have enough confidence in your game, which I have not attained yet. Something to grow in I guess.


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