Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Welcome Back Jack!

SloeJack is back! The funny thing is I probably have the same Bankroll I had when he left. Ha! He has a REALLY good post on his site. You should go read it. The part I liked the most was the motivation for playing Poker. I think that my motivation breaks down as follows:

A. (33%) Make money. I want to be good enough to crush 20/60 on a consistent basis. Even 5/10 would be good!

B. (33%) Be the Best I can be. I really enjoy the challenge of making the right play, the discipline it takes, etc.. I have a ways to grow here and hope to do so. The down’s really crush me now, and the up’s are too intoxicating. I need Felicia’s attitude of “So you cracked my AA with your K3o, I will take that any day”. Over the long run this is the only way to be. A lot easier said than done.

C. (20%) Enjoyment of Bloggers. I love playing the NL Blogger tables. So much shit flying. So much fun. The Comradery and Hammer Flying is Awesome! You guys rock!

D. (14%) Relaxation. It really helps me forget all my problems for a few hours. I totally immerse myself in the game and that is a great release.

So go run Sloe’s hit count up. He writes much more meaningful stuff than I do. Except when he goes off on that Star Wars: Jedi War Game testing rants. I personally like them but I want POKER!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey sir, saw ya playin 2/4 last night and wondered what was up. I read your post so now I know. That's more my price range so maybe I'll find you and take some of your money. I'd like to get in on a $25nlhe blog table too. Anyways, go Dolphins and see ya around. (lol, just kiddin, my team is the Chiefs so I can't talk)

Gordon aka ChiefBigtoke on Party

11:08 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Hope to see you too.. Been a tough month. Guess I still have Discipline issues to work out. lol. Anyway.. I am looking forward to building the roll back up, and going on a nice run. It has been a terrible run of cards lately though! Last night was not too bad.

11:14 AM

Anonymous Sloejack said...

holy cow batman. This is what I get for fading in and out of the scene like Dr. Who's call box. Thanks for the write up, and this time I am much more back than last time. :)

6:04 PM


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