Sunday, January 30, 2005

Little Play

I have to say it again; the best thing about Poker is the Blogger community we have built. I appreciate all of your comments. I jumped on the tables for a min today to get my feet wet. The kids and wife were out at a party. I have to say I respect you low limit grinders. With all the weak play it is harder in some ways than the higher levels. A guy has AK and does not 3-bet it, he hits his K on the flop and does not bet/raise it? Whats up with that? WEAK! A guy hits his gutshot on the turn and does not raise the river!!!!! These people suck me out by accident I think. Oh well. It feels like more fun than before. The money is small. The players are passive calling stations and I hope to be able to grind out some wins. It is definitely not guaranteed though. I do want to cut down to two days a week. I am going to deposit to Poker Stars and play in the Iggy Invitational too. There are actually some good players here too. I am sitting with a TAA! Interesting. I ended up down seven bucks.

I doubled my bankroll though. Party is offering me 50 bucks, no strings attached, to come back to them. So I will have fifty on each site as soon as I can figure out how to install Party on my machine again.. It will be a while before I can hit the BBJs though. Oh well! I wonder if they have any freerolls. I am going to see if I can win the Iggy Invitational too!


Blogger BSN said...

I think you're going to be surprised how fast this turns around for you. I've never had your bankroll, but I had enough to do stupid things, and did.

Check out my post from Jan 20 ( What I didn't say was that I was down to $1.57 in my AP account. I played freerolls all week (and AP has LOTS of them and they are really WEAK) until I cashed. Took the $10 to the .25NL table, which I also knew was weak, and played straight-up, tight-aggressive. Ten days later I am sitting with several hundred dollars between PS and AP, all originating from that $10 cash.

I felt a certain freedom at that point; I didn't feel the need to 'protect' my bankroll. Yeah, it's dumb to take my entire $10 into a NL game, but guess what? It's only $10. I got good cards and bet 'em. That's all I could do. I played like I had $1000 in the account.

Anyway, I didn't write this to talk about me, but to motivate you. You know how to play the game, you'll find a couple of good tables over the next few days, and as long as you "play with impunity" as Iggy says, you'll get there. And much, much faster than you did before, because you know so much more now about the game and yourself.


6:35 AM

Blogger BSN said...

PS: Just because you went bust, don't expect any of us to take pity on you in the tourney on Wednesday!


6:36 AM

Blogger Shelly said...

Good luck at the Iggy Invitational - wish I could make it!! Gotta work that night. I might make it home in time to be a railbird though :) Tweet tweet!

9:28 AM


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