Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What do you do? What do you do?

Here is a question I had from last nights NL game. I am playing in the BB. I have A6, and limp in. The flop is AKx. I put out the customary pot size bet to try and take the pot. I get a bunch of folds and one caller. The turn is a rag that probably helps nobody. Now at this point I can not decide if he has an Ace, hates his kicker, or what. What is the correct move here? What I did was throw out another small bet. About a buck. The pot might have been six bucks or something at this time. He calls me. The river is a 10. I throw another small bet out, he calls me, flips over K-10 for the rivered two pair. Is this bad luck? Does anyone think I can throw a larger bet out on the turn and scare him out? If I do that am I setting myself up to get trapped by someone with a really good hand? How would you have played this?

I think the BB in NL can cause you alot of problems. If you limp in with hands you normally would never play, you are then faced with tough decisions on how to bet and protect your hands. It can cause some problems.


Blogger BadBlood said...

From my perspective, you are playing a weak hand in weak position. You mentioned you limped, did you call a small raise or did you just get to check to see the flop?

In early position, you have no recourse to gain information about his hand. Unless you can check-raise him - which may cost you more money.

The weak bet on the turn was giving information to him about your hand. You want to avoid doing that too.

5:53 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I checked, the flop had an Ace. I wanted to try and steal the pot and should have succeeded, but one moron with 2nd pair thought it was good and thats all she wrote. The play up to the flop bet I think was ok. I am really unsure what the right move on the turn would have been. Do you bet the pot again, check, do a 1/2 pot bet. what? Do not try and steal on the flop?

6:29 AM

Blogger Poker Nerd said...

A check raise would probably give you the information you want and, on the off chance anyone's paying attention, buy you some free cards later when you might need them.

Check-folding here isn't awful either. In fact, it might be best at tables where you can get paid off handsomely by your good hands.

7:05 AM

Blogger doubleas said...

Folks limp with AJ, AT, and Ax suited. I'd guess that there is a good chance that you are behind already and you have very little folding equity on the flop. Before betting the flop, think about your position (almost the worst) and what you'd do if you get called.

In this circumstance, your flop bet is a bluff. It wasn't in this hand, but that just shows you how important position is in NLHE. He could have called with 22 and raised you out on the turn. When you bet without the intention of calling a raise or following through, then it is a bluff regardless if you have the best hand or not. I disagree sometimes, but some people believe that if you can't call a raise, then don't bet.

I think the flop play got you in trouble for the rest of the hand, which made for an awful choice on the turn. Based on a read of the other player, I'd either bet the pot or check/fold. If he is the type to call with mediocre holdings early in hands, I'd push hard. If he is an intelligent player who is capable of trapping and/or you think he'll call you down with A9, check/fold.

You didn't say if the flop was 2-suited. If it is, you can ratchet the bet option up a little in your consideration with the hope that he is on a flush draw.

There is one other thing to consider before you bet the flop. Winning this small pot is not worth the risk of building a big pot to lose. Keep this one small. Maybe check and call a weak bet if you believe you're ahead. Folding here and losing a small amount of EV won't kill you either.

7:52 AM

Blogger Phallic said...

Really like your blog man. Like yourself I struggle with these things and ride the roller coaster that is $10 NL SNGs on Party. Here is my blog:

I enjoy the read man.


10:37 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

You could go for broke on the turn, but a weak ace is definitely tough to do it on especially with the flat call.

Flat calls to me send up alarms of a set or another made hand. Like the PN suggested check-folding isn't a horrible lay down.

10:13 AM

Blogger Hurt said...

Love the way you played it...the little shit just got lucky on are getting the best of it...paying a small price when he hit that two-pair...why doens't he raise the river...

12:24 PM

Blogger mscmike said...

I think I'd have check-folded, thinking if he's going to bet, he probably has an Ace with a bigger kicker. He also could have been chasing the straight...

No matter what, there were a lot of hands that could have beaten you. Yeah, he rivered the two pair, that sucks, but you also had a somewhat weak hand to bet with. The way I usually play, if you want people to leave the table, bet big. If you're sure you've got them beat, you bet smaller to lure them in, cuz you're hoping they'll limp in with two pair against your set or straight....

6:11 AM

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