Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Devil Inside

Crazy night. Fun and depressing all at the same time. So lets start with the obscenely funny:

[23:28] SirFWALGMan: 76 wins 66 bucks!
[23:28] SirFWALGMan: with 666
[23:28] SirFWALGMan: omg!
[23:28] SirFWALGMan: now thats weird
[23:28] Texas: the antichrist
[23:28] SirFWALGMan: fuck, satan is talkin to me
[23:29] SirFWALGMan: oh shit
[23:29] SirFWALGMan: I have a chill up my spine
[23:29] Texas: you are such a dork
[23:29] Texas: Jason Kirk named it that
[23:29] Texas: that's the name of his blog
[23:29] Texas: Catching the Antichrist

It was a funny hand. Trips on the board. I checked them down. Guy hits his two pair on the river and I call his large bet. I made my trips on the river, and was not sure they were good. However it was worth the call against this particular player.

I started the night losing a buyin btw. It sucked. I was in a weird hand. It was 4 way. I had a nut straight and a low flush draw (J). I just kept putting money in, but TT held up and won the whole damn thing! Four ways! I had odds! I just wasn’t hitting anything.

I decided to take my final $15 and play an SNG. I lost. I decided to then play an MTT. I have KK and triple up with 700 left. I could have cruised to 100th place, but instead I decided to call an all in with Big Slick. He had me covered. He flips his 77, and I just never improved. However, even though I felt bad, I want that match up every day. With my chip position I could have waited for a better hand however it was getting late and I have an interview tomorrow.

So I am kind of bumming about my lost buyin. I take this Poker stuff too personally, and when I lose I get sad. So I decide to play one last orbit. I am up a few bucks at my table and decide to just leave. I play a few more hands than I normally would and wind up with 76 s000ted again. So since I have a directive from Satan here I play it. The flop gives me a gutshot straight draw and a flush draw on the board. The bet is a couple into a four buck pot and I have three players in with me. So I decide to see the turn. Since I am getting close to pot odds and its my last hand and all. The turn is a 5 (Gutshot Baby!), and I promptly check it. The river does not hurt me so I have the NUT straight. It helps that the river is an A also. So I think for a second and go all in. Now you might be wondering why I would do that? Well, this table had been crazy. People bluffing. Going all in with shit. I mean real maniac table. So I say what the fuck. If he calls I am good. If he doesn’t I have won enough. So he calls! I am laughing my ass off so hard I cannot breath. He types into the chat “I hit call by accident”, yeah right, that’s why it took you 2 minutes.

So I end up ending out the night ten up. Weird. Image how good my night might have been.. Although I have to say this is gambling people. Sometimes its good to gamble. One last tidbit for the night. My winning hands in order: 76s, 76o, k9s, and the hand I lost the most on? AA! What a weird night.


Anonymous chad said...

You said..."I decided to call an all in with Big Slick. He had me covered. He flips his 77, and I just never improved. However, even though I felt bad, I want that match up every day."

You do? Even if you had AK suited, you would be behind 77 by 48% vs. 52% preflop. If you want THAT every day, then I want to play you every day.

7:29 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I think I might not have given enough information here. I had 2K left with 50/100 blinds. So I have 20BB left. Not critical stack, but not in good shape for the final run.

This is an MTT. I have the 4th best hand in HE (AKs). I knew he had small pockets, and yes, in this situation I think it is the right move to call his all in. I might think twice about this in a cash game, but I think you need to take your shots sometimes in an MTT. Unless you want to play for 52nd place and a one dollar profit for four hours of work.

I have no problem with this call.

7:40 AM

Blogger Mark said...

Hi Sir, glad I finally got to play cards with you at the NL50 table. Hope it's not a breach of blogging etiquitte to put my blog address here, but you said you wanted to check it out: it's My e-mail is niesse AT

6:31 PM


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