Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A few tips

Sir FWA’s Tips for Winning
or What the Poker Books don’t Teach you

#1: If you see a certain card come up a lot, play anything with that card,
It means the dealer or shuffler is broken and you will keep getting those cards.
#2: If you are in the 1 or 10 spot, and the dealer is a woman, make sure you take off your shoe and play footsies with her. She will give you some great cards!
#3: If you have 1 to a floosh draw, always go all in, it is Party Poker and you WILL make it.
#4: AA and KK are overrated. Always limp with these. That way the guy with Q-10 will not be able to put you on a hand when he hits his Q-10.
#5: Always raise with 22 and 33. This gives you a second way to win when an Ace or K hits the flop. Really. It does.
#6: Always pick a fight with the big guy who has a lot of chips. If he punches you in the face, you can grab some of his chips while the cops are dragging him away.
#7: Only tip the dealer is she has big boobs and will pretend not to be repulsed by you. Otherwise it is a waste of money.
#8: There are always 7 aces in the deck. Beware!
#9: Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!


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