Thursday, March 17, 2005

Got TPTK Down..

Quick Update. I had a horrible night. I only lost $35 but it was a bad night. Finally when I learn how to lay down TPTK and overpairs (sometimes), I wind up getting a new lesson: Two Pair vs Trips. Not once my friends, not twice, but three times in one night!!!! WTF Did I do?

I decided to play in a cheap freeroll for the MTT experience. I placed 67th out of 2000 which was nice. It took forever. I was doing very well at 12K until my AJ flop of AJx was up against a weak Ace (Yay!) and a Pair of Jacks. (boo!). So now I am down to 4K. I did manage to double up once, but the blinds started eating me and I decided to go all in with KQo. I got called by A9o and he improved but I did not. Oh well. I tried. Many thanks to the Geek, Texas, and ChiefTokem for IM’ing with me through the whole thing. I really thought we had a chance to place. Oh well.

Peace out. I need sleep.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sir,
I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed playing with you last night. Sorry things didn't turn around for you.
See you on the virtual felt.

7:19 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I enjoyed playing with you too. Seemed like it wasnt a good night for both of us. After you left I did a dumb move. Oh well. It was interesting playing PL for a change.

The night ended up not too badly, so I am not too concerned. I will make it back tonight!

8:47 AM


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