Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I had a wonderful night though. I ended up around 57 in the black. It was like it usually is on two hands. I can not win more than that in a night. Oh well. The hands were a little bit iffy play on my part but also good reads.

The first hand involved a little AA action. I raise it up pre-flop and get one player. The flop is a slightly scary KQ3. H bets out half the pot at $2. I desire to take it right here so I raise to $6.. He calls. I assume he could possibly have KQ, and firmly decide that is his hand. I could be wrong but I am convinced. So anyway the turn is a 3 to pair the board. So going with my initial hunch I now think I am good. However he bets out $8. VERY scary bet. However I think I am good and he has put me on AK. Of course he loses with this hand too. SO I am not sure what the hell he was doing. The river is a lousy eight to make a floosh. Now I know this guy is stupid, but runner-runner floosh? Nahh. He bets out 27.50 (All In). I think for a long while and make the hard call. He turns over K8 for KK88, thinking he beat my KK33, however I had AA33 so you go home unhappy! Booyah! Pot size: $45.

The second hand I thought I played well at the time but now I think it is questionable. I am in MP. The guy late EP raises to $2. The guy before me calls. I call too with my JJ (Hookers) and one guy after us calls. Now at this point in time I am scared as hell someone has a better over. However they could also have AK or other hands. The flop is 556. So the initial better checks as well as the guy after him. The guy in front of me goes ALL IN! I think for ages and then decide he MUST have a 6. If he hit trips he probably slow plays a little. He also could have a smaller or larger overpair than JJ. So I decide to end it here. I go ALL THE WAY! Every cent on the table into the pot. The HUGE error I made here is discounting the two checkers. They easily could have had better over pairs and been afraid of the trips. Also they might be slow playing. Although not many people do that with overs. So anyway they end up folding and the original guy calls my all in. He has me covered by thirty cents. The turn is a scary Q and the river a 9. My opponent turns over his pair of twos and that’s all she wrote: Pot size: 74.80.

Needless to say I had a good night. Last night was awesome also and I am now cruising around $559. Up over $100 in two days. I think this is a good rate. Lets keep at it. I also checked PT and I am a Yellow Smiley once again! It looks so much better than a green frowny. My BB/HR is somewhere around 12.36. Not too shabby. All is well in Poker land this week. Now if I can just fix my life.


Blogger BadBlood said...

Sir, these two hands are well played and well thought out. Nice work.

6:36 AM


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