Saturday, March 26, 2005

Heap it on

What a crazy night. It starts off with some ABC poker with Chris Halverston and another blogger I had yet to read, 5,589 MILES FROM VEGAS. It was fun. It was ABC. I made a few mistakes. On my other table I hugely overplayed KK. Glad to see I can still do that. I chased a little and ended up the night about 11BB up. It was great playing with you Chris.

I then get the big fella, ChiefTokem at my table. I start playing when I hear a bang at my door. So I fold and go upstairs. It turns out that two Dover police officers are standing there serving me with a restraining order. Part of the reason I was downstairs in the first place was because I got extremely angry at the wife and yelled nasty stuff at her. Not the first time. What can I say. I lost my temper. Yelled a bunch of shit I did not mean while walking away from her so I could get on the computer and calm down. I think given all the possible options this was reasonable. Apparently this is not the case. So now I am being escorted out of the house. I am allowed to get some cloths and my computer and I am off into the night at 1AM in the morning. Sweet. So what do I do? Book a room in the Sheraton and fire up Party Poker. Now this is probably the worse thing I could choose to do with my bankroll at this point.

First hand I am fuming mad. I have BigChief and Aeq talking to me on IM. I overplay TT and lose $30 to trip 5’s. Now normally I lay this down but tonight, fuck no! I am NOT LAYING DOWN TO YOU BITCHES! I type a little of my sad story into the chat and tell the table I am on FULL TILT and if they are not little wussies they can come and take my money because I am giving it away!!! I start berating everyone. Hey, I was in a bad mood. I am dealt AA shortly after. I yell, I hate you Fags! I put my whole stack in the middle. Everyone folds. I berate them and the next hand I get QQ. So what do I do? Fuck ya! All in! I call them every name in the book, woosies!! Everyone folds. Now this is not working well. So very next hand I get AA. Well fuck ya! I say if you wussies are going to keep folding then I will just take every blind!!!!!! All in again! I finally get the desired result of two callers! WOO HOO! KK and TT! I triple up. I then continue berating them but switch gears to TIGHT-AGGRESSIVE. Nobody wanted a piece of me after that. I had not informed BigChief what my hands had been before and he must have thought I had gone insane.

So anyway the table ends up tightening up again even though I am berating them all. Hey, it made me feel better. ChiefTokem complains that the table is too tight. So what do I do for my buddy? Loosen it up of course. I raise pre-flop 4xBB three times in the next 5 hands with crap like 73o, 23o, really nowhere hands. I either take the blinds or win when I bet the flop every time. I show. Now the table is fuming at me. Time to show them I really am a fish. I get JJ and raise 4xBB. I get 3 callers. Big surprise. BigChief is one of them. The flop is bad for me and Chief bets out. I raise him. I then throw another bet in on the river before totally folding. I give the guy like fifteen bucks. So now I have cemented my image as a loose, maniac, bluffer who is getting lucky. Not too far from the truth. So few hands latter it pays off when some guy calls my trips down with Q high for 30+ bucks. Sweet! Hell, his kicker was only a T!! So that was about it for the night. Won a few more pots. Ended up winning 115.10 to get my bankroll up over $600. Very interesting.

Anyway life keeps up with the bad beats and suckouts, but Poker is good. Can not wait to see the next one outer!


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