Sunday, March 06, 2005

MTT, SNG, 25/NL, 50/NL, All over the place

Well tonight was not so bad. I played some 25/NL. I won a buyin and then lost some. Then won that back playing some 50/NL with the Bloggers. It did not seem like the night for them. I saw Jack leave with a few buck, and soon after –EV got creamed when his QQ went up against flopped trip jacks. I think my list might be right.. who knows.. I won a small pot against Chris. I had A-10 and he has A-Q. Three people in and I am last to act. I love position. The flop is KJx. So it is checked to me. I decide I can make a pot sized bet, represent K’s and if I get called either get a free card or maybe make my straight. The first guy buys the semi-bluff and folds. Chris thinks. Probably knows it is me and has me pegged as a LAG and so he calls. He checks the turn and give me a free card which is the wonderful Q! So I put out a few buck bet and collect my winning.

I made some really hard laydowns too. I had a 5 with a nice kicker. It made trips. Someone bets me a decent amount on the river. I fold like a wet blanket. Why you ask? Well I am trying to be more wimpy but besides that I am not a big fan of wasting ¼ my stack on hands where the cards pull down their pants and practically moon everyone. If someone is making that bet I think I am beat most of the time. Especially with a straight on the board. Now if it was a set I might have called..

I got screwed by the cards a little as happens. I played a small SNG. Was able to keep my head above water and then had 88. The blinds are like 200/400 and I have 1K left. So I decide I need to push. I peek and I am against A-10. Ok. Not so bad. Except he spikes the 10 on the river. I thought I might be good there for a while. Oh well. Not a bad beat. I played an MTT. I might stop playing these until I get more money to waste, but I love them. I end up being short stacked at 860 bucks through basically no cards. The blinds are 50/100. I get Pocket Rockets and I am raised all in by the EP. So its go time, right? He flips his 22’s and I am laughing hysterically, until a 2 shows on the flop. Wow! What does 22 ever beat? Oh yeeeaaahh, AA. Anyway what the hell are you going to do. In both instances I got all my money in the pot with the best hand and went for it. If I had won I would have at least taken 3rd in my SNG and who knows in my MTT. At least buys me a few orbits. I am at peace with my play.

Net Net for the night is I ended up pretty much break even for the night. I was up to 401.60 for a brief second.. but that did not last. So I keep grinding it out. I will be staying with the 10/1 NL games. They are good +EV for the most part. They are within bankroll limits. MTTs are more like lottery tickets and you eventually win but it takes a while and until then you need the money to invest.

The only bad thing to happen today was my dad was admitted to the Hospice. He is on morphine and is kind of out of it. He was having trouble breathing. Apparently the Hospice is the last stop on the way out. Audios Amigos! I am going to visit tomorrow. That should be fun. Still have no idea of how I am going to deal with this as I stuff everything down and avoid it with Poker, Video Games, etc, etc.. We shall see.


Blogger Poker Chiq said...

SirF, I am so sorry to hear about your father. I hope every thing improves for him greatly...

And also, don't do the avoidance tactic using poker or anything else. If you can find someone to talk it through with, then do so...

I also tried bottling it all up, early last year, when my mom was in a similar state to your dad, and I overworked myself as an escape. It did not help, and only made it worse...

4:13 AM


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