Thursday, March 17, 2005

Labor of Love

The things I do for you ingrates! I am soo freaking tired today. I usually stay up until 11:30EST and play Poker, then think about what I want to write. Finish up the Blog after midnight and maybe read a few others. I then hit the sack and let me tell you 7AM rolls around mighty fast!

What do I get for it? Less hits than April, less notoriety than Iggy, less booze than Al. I will not even go into the abuse I get in my comments section by that guy annonymous. I hate him! I tell ya, sometimes, I wonder. If I had something better to do with my life you all would be suffering from WPP: “Work Place Productivity”. Can you imagine never finding out what FWALGMan stands for? What would you do then?

In addition I will soon be unemployed if I do not find some work. I really cannot blame you for that. Well, maybe I can, lets give it a shot. If you stopped reading my Blog during the day and were more productive, then my company would not need to cut its budget by 20%, and I would not find my cushy contract job ending at the beginning of may. See, I constantly underestimate and amaze myself. Do you see why my wife hates me?

I think you guys planned my contract ending. I mean what could be more fun than seeing an unemployed Sir Waffle playing poker for a living because he has nothing better to do while looking for work. Omg! Can you see the hilarity that would ensue? I might even exceed April in hits! Just to spite you I am going to have to find something to do. Are there any openings in the High Stakes Backgammon club?


Blogger handsome said...

The recommended BR requirement for NL is 30 buyins, meaning you should drop down now.

4:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, you don't have the game to play for a living. Just another fish that has read a few books and can maybe be a marginal winner. If only you would quit blowing your entire bankroll.

5:49 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

What would I do without anoymous comments.. *sigh*..

7:04 AM

Blogger Aequitas58 said...

Some people might feel that 30 buyins are required to play a NL game, but that's ridiculous at low levels - especially considering the competition on PartyPoker.

By your math, he should start playing $.25/$.50 when he gets to $1500? ($50 x 30) LOL.

You're doing fine Sir... stick with it. Variance is a bitch, but given the levels you're playing, you can absorb the losses. Go down a level if your BR drops to $250.

I'm in love w/ Party's 6-Max Limit tables, btw. :)

2:16 PM

Blogger April said...

What they don't know is, you haven't even read any of those books at all - they're just listed there to make you look like you know what you're talking about.

Speaking of which babe, you might want to change the list up some - put up something more recent, like S/S 2 or Harrington's. Just a thought.

10:31 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

Just pace yourself. I'm sure you'd do fine if you can learn to walk away from a bad session.

10:34 PM


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