Friday, April 01, 2005


I tried some limit 2/4 today. Bad Beat table of course. It was ok. The feeling of bile is gone, and since I am getting more in tune with NL I really see the differences in the games more clearly. One of the major differences is in limit every bet counts. You are basically eaking together every small BB you can to make a successful session. You do this two ways. You save bets by not playing or calling questionable hands and you make sure you get the most value into the pot when you are likely ahead.

In NL it is a little different. You do not want to waste bets, but a more speculative style of play can payoff. You really are looking for a couple of things. Hands that can payoff quickly, like AK with an Ace on the flop. You raise pre-flop, and take the pot on the flop. The other type of hands you want are ones with hidden potential. The one gappers and other types of hands that can connect on the flop are great. The more hidden your hand the more likely you get paid off. Your whole night can be made with one matchup. It is really a game that favors calling a raise with small pockets, where in limit you want to be more careful with stuff like that. In addition you have to be very careful not to play dominated hands, or at least be able to lay them down. The best example of this is KJ. What are you going to do when a K hits? Not sure. Exactly not the way you want to feel in an NL game.

So anyway that is my take. I am not going to make limit my normal game. I will probably play a little bit when the Bad Beat jackpots get high. I have been having success playing 100/NL and 50/NL. I think I should probably stick with two tables of 50/NL for now with a little 100/NL thrown in. I think once I hit 1200 I will play 100/NL exclusively. I actually find the style at these tables suits me more. People are willing to laydown hands and normally do not seem to go all in on draws or TPTK. I find it easier to read people and win hands this way. It does take alot of patients, and your less likely to be paid off by doubling up with your trips, but you can grind out solid 1/2-1 Buyin a night which is not bad. Some nights when things go right you can get that huge win also.


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