Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sheraton: Day 7

Well Poker has been up and down. Like it is supposed to be. I actually pulled off a nice bluff last night. I usually get creamed by a Boat when I bluff. This time my read was good. I have AK and had just insulted Randy Johnson because a guy says he thinks that Randy is AEWSOME!! Why don't you fucking kiss him and get it over with you fag! So they guy I insulted raises me 15 bucks. So I decide there is no way in hell I am losing this hand. EVER. The flop is all low cards. So what do I do? Shoot out a $30 bluff bet. He types in chat "You are bluffing" and calls me. So now there is only one way to win this hand: I throw out another $30 bluff. All in Baby! Ok, so sometimes I get a little emotional here. The guy thinks and ends up folding. I show my AQ. End up with a $22 profit overall for the night at the table and leave. It turns out he had KQ. heh! I know bad Poker, but I figured he was just out to get me and went a little crazy.

At least I am not the only one who can not get a break, I type in Terri Schiavo in the Smurfinator and get Eboli Smurf. Yeah, she was destined for trouble. All Hail the all knowing Smurfinator!

Side work has been flowing at a pace a little hard to keep up with. It basically will pay for the hotel stay if I finish all these projects. Oh well, who wanted to get ahead anyways. Also the car is going to cost $4500 to fix. That should be nice. I have not yet figured out where to go besides the Sheraton. I figure being alone is good for me so I am there for now.

I got a weird annonymous comment last night. It was broken English and made no sense, but apparently I was making fun of people in my Blog and I have gotten what I deserved. Thanks for the laugh anyways. When you graduate from highschool at 39 please post a comment I can understand. At least have the balls to post it in a current Blog entry or something. Also please leave a fake name or something. Fucktard.

For the record I do not think I have offended anyone here except by giving bad advice. If I am wrong then either you do not get it or your stupid. Actually I will ammend that to exclude the stripper. I have said I dislike her comments. Possibly have said a thing or two about her. Oh yeah, and April, but she sucks. Oh and I did question BadBloods manhood with the Smurfinator.. hmm..


Blogger BadBlood said...

K dude...

Restraining order?

What the hell is going on?

11:29 AM

Blogger skitch said...

Who the hell you trying to bluff now?

"I have AK... I show my AQ."


Keep on smilin' dude, it's the only way to get through some days!

1:22 PM

Blogger skitch said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:22 PM

Blogger F-Train said...

A few posts back (I guess a week ago) he mentioned in an off-hand way how the Dover police showed up at his door with a restraining order one night. Something about "some words" he had with Mrs. Waffle...

2:24 PM


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