Thursday, March 31, 2005

Be Nice to Doggies

So I am finally looking into options with regards to less expensive housing. I have learned a good lesson though: be nice to doggies. I was at my buddies house a few months back. We were discussing a project with WindowsCE that we wanted to take on. It was with Intel and looks good on the resume. So I am in his kitchen talking to him and his dog comes by. A very friendly lab. He tells me how his dog is really friendly and would never hurt anyone. So I offer to chat with the dog, and start making barking noises. Apparently I told the dog his mother slept with cats or something. He starts barking and growling at me. The damn dog would not stop and my buddy puts him in the garage. Last time I try to make small talk with a dog.

Fast forward to yesterday. The same buddy offers to let me stay in the spare room. Nice! However he is not going to be home all weekend. However the dog will be. The nice lab. Who hates me. Now I know dogs and they DO NOT forget. So while I would love to whine about being bitten on top of everything else I think I will pass. I might stay with my buddy John in Salem. You remember. Puking. Halloween Party. Cute Strawberry Shortcake chick. Electric Shock! Ya! John!! Hell, the Electric Shock game might be good for me. We shall see. So remember, be nice to doggies! You never know when you might want to room with one.


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