Wednesday, March 30, 2005

So Who Wants to be a Smurf

So I was a little bored:

SirFWALGMan Fetid Smurf
AlCantHang Killdozer Smurf
Texas Junkie Smurf
DoubleAs Golden Flash Smurf
Pauly Litigious Smurf
Iggy Jojoba Smurf
Felicia Lee Chicken-Fried Smurf

For all you rednecks out there: Fetid derives from Latin fetidus, from fetere, "to stink.".

I can’t even catch a break at the Smurf site.. *sigh*. I guess it could be worse. Type in BadBlood and see what happens.


Blogger BadBlood said...

I can assure you I have no need for viagra or enzyte.

11:55 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

Full Monty Smurf...

I think only my wife would want this.

6:06 AM

Anonymous TheBlueRage said...

As Seen On TV Smurf?

7:27 AM

Blogger doubleas said...

friends and i always threaten to run around our respective communities naked if we win a big tournament....If I pee at the same time, it would be a Golden Flash.

I should change my handle.

9:11 AM


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