Saturday, March 26, 2005


What a wild run. The bankrolls up to 924 now! I busted out 35th place in an MTT for the WSOP! Ok, so I did not win anything, but I am proud of my play. To give a frame a reference GDogg the winner of the last WSOP HORSE tourney busted out two in front of me. Paulies brother did well busting out a few back of me.

Hella asked: Nice hit! Can't believe nobody feared a Ten. (You'da still had the lock, but you sure had a crew along for the ride with ya!)

I find this to be a common problem with "good" players. The raise pre-flop was 6 bucks! So there was no hand they could imagine with a T that had them beat. I am really surprised they did not consider AA. I also think one other thing could have come in play. Sometimes the pot blinds us. When it started getting huge, and you were so committed, you just put your brain on hold, hope to hell for your hand to improve and/or win and keep putting money in. I am not complaining anyways. I am pokered out for now so have fun. One of these days I will score in an MTT!


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