Friday, May 06, 2005

#*()*()#)(*#)*()*(#@ Holdem

God dammit. Why the hell do I torture myself by playing Holdem? I entered the freeroll tourney and got to 166th place out of 2159 people. Yes, that is impressive. What is more impressive is how I got taken out. I had 7K in chips. My opponent had 8K. I had QT in the SB. The blinds were 600. He had 8K in chips. The flop is QJx. I bet hard. He calls. The turn is an x. I bet the POT which basically puts him almost out if he loses. He calls. The river is an all important 5. I only have 2K left to bet by now so I go all in. Only to be beaten by J5o. Thank you very much you &*(#(&*#&*(@#*(&*(#&*(*(@*(@ moron.

Stud was not much better tonight. I went up $100 and then lost $100 to basically break even. I think if I can learn to leave when I am up I can make alot playing stud.


Blogger Buffalo66 said...

I feel ya, bro.

HE is so wild sometimes, I don't know if I really have the stomach for it.

Set a target for your ring games. If you sit with $50, leave if you get up or down whatever amount you feel good about. The goal is to walk away from the felt ahead.

If you are a good stud player, you will rock the SNG's. Stud is all about being patient, and waiting for the right situations. That includes the right times to draw out a potential monster hand.

7:03 AM

Blogger TripJax said...

Sup Sir,

Me likes ye ole blog...have added you to my roll. I need more Stud perspectives (the game that is).

Poker In Arrears

1:08 PM


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