Thursday, June 23, 2005

6-MAX Again..

So I was playing 5/10 6-Max last night.. oh wait, I do not play 5/10 anymore. I forgot for a minute. I tried out the 25/NL 6-MAX last night, somewhat on tilt, and I liked it. I tried to find some passive tables. It is nice when every hand is not an all in decision. I ended up making about $100 profit. It is also nice when people buy in for $6 and go all in trying to double up with weak hands. I took several $5-$10 pots when people pushed there JJ's and 33's vs my KK's and 99's. The second call was kind of loose on my part, but it was based on a read of the player. He was playing weak hands extremely strong and I thought I was ahead.

I know 6-MAX has alot of variance (or can) but it was fun. I really killed a few people, and only got sucked out on once or twice. Glyphic showed up too. He was following me around like a stalker. Shh Glyph. Do not mention the 50/NL table. Shhhh. Anyhow, he is still out of country. Doing well. It was nice to see him again. I will let you know if the 6-MAX experiment keeps going well. I also played with Team Veneno. Joos and Veneno tried to do as well as me, but I ended up the champ. We were trash talking up a storm. It was excellent.


Blogger GaryC said...

Hi SirF,
I have been reading your blog for a while and even played at a Party table with you one night. The name is hard to hide. Are you SirF on Noble? Think I might have seen you there too.
Anyway, I recently started my own blog and was wondering if you would mind taking a look, offering suggestions and maybe even linking to it. If you have time, take a look and thanks.

8:31 AM


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