Tuesday, June 21, 2005

How many times..

How many times do my NUT boats, with a 6 high flush against me, have to be rivered by Straight Flushes when the guy is capping my bet the whole fucking way?

How many times must a boat spring a hole,
before you can blame party poker,
and how many times must your sets get rivered,
before you can blame party poker

the answer my friends,
is blowing in the algorithm,
the answer is blowing in the algorithm


Anonymous Veneno said...

How many times? Pretty much as many times as it can happen, it will happen. It is party poker after all. And bad beats are the norm. Just wish you were on the receiving side more often. Perhaps you are correct. Party Poker has it out for you. Who did you piss off? One of the Party Poker programmers?..lol..Just kidding of course!

Stick with your 5 singles for a while. You seem to enjoy them lately. And you are winning with them.

I wish you the best of luck in your future play.

Take care

2:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its not just you Sir. Last night in the $2 MTT, I was called all-in by a guy holding 3-6 of hearts on a board of A-5-6 with one heart. I had A-5 and had him covered. You know what happened next. Runner-runner hearts and there goes half my stack. Now consider that we were down to less than 200 and we were in the money, but that was pretty much a typical party monkey move. So now I'm left with about 5K and in middle position I get pocket KK's. I push and get called and the monkey rivers a straight. Just like that I'm out in 119th place.

Hang in there and eventually we will start being the suckout artists.

Hopefully see you tonight or sometime soon at the $2 MTT.


6:53 AM


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