Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Your are now entering a dimension..

The exceptions to the laws of statistics are fascinating. I had two examples where statistics just went out the door this week and chaos reined supreme. The first one I was sweating Veneno in a 350K qualifier. Now the people who play these tend not to be too bright. One example of this early on is Veneno has AK clubs. Turn brings four clubs, no scary cards, our opponent bets into us, and I think, judging by the size of his bet, and how bad he is, that he has nothing. So I tell Veneno to push with A high nothing. Put the guy all in. Make him crack under pressure. She does it and he thinks. For a very long time. He calls. He turns KQ for K high nothing and a gutshot straight draw. She rivered the flush so we were ok anyways.

Shortly after we took a nice pot from a sucker. He got chipped down to about 2K by betting into our NUT hand. Anyway he then proceeds to make a pact with the devil and goes all in seven times in a row, winning every hand, and chipping up to 40K. People had him dead to rights. High pockets against his crap. AK vs KT. He always spiked the winning cards, be it a straight on the river, or a T to beat out AK. He was unstoppable. Welcome to the twilight zone.

Tonight I was trying to play tight. Empire gave me $25 for free, so I figured I would play extra solid and see what happened. I was getting a little bored, so I started watching the cards falling. I swear to you twenty hands in a row two straight cards fell, and the turn was the card needed to make the straight. As a matter of fact a few times the river made runner-runner straights. I mentioned this to the table:

Sir: Did you notice that the last twenty hands were all possible straights and the last twenty turns made the straights.

Stupid fish were not paying attention.. so silence.

Sir: Flop T93, I guarantee the next card is a 8,J, or Q

The next card was an 8 as a matter of fact. When my next prediction was wrong I typed

Sir: It must know I know it is putting all straights on the board

The next flop was TJ.Q

Sir: It is just messing with me now!

Anyhow.. it is kind of funny how statistical anomalies can bubble and cause weird things to happen.


Anonymous Veneno said...

Thanks for sweating me. You are an excellent coach. Just needed to win that race against the fish! At least I wasn't the first one out for

7:09 AM


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