Sunday, June 19, 2005

You [Insert explicitive here]!

Well I started another run of MTT wins with a 1.60 victory in the 2/0! Woo hoo! I am VERY disappointed by my finish though. I started out with AA and KK doubling me up twice. Not much more you can ask for than that! I finished with KQ s000ted and the flop come Qxx with two spades. So I bet hard. The turn is nothing. I know the [Insert C word here] is on a flush draw. I know for sure. How? I am very good. I am so good it hurts. So I put her in for the rest of her stack. Like you are suppose to do, right? Read above. I am good. So she of course calls, rivers the spade, cripples me, and I go out shortly after. It is hard to play so well, have a large stack, make a great read, make the right play, and be made to pay for it. Oh well.. nobody said Poker was easy.

I have about a $235 roll now. I bough back in for $200 and got a bonus. Played a few MTTs, a little up, a little down. I think I am going to stick to the 2/0 and 5/1 SNGs and the .50/1 limit game. Playing pretty solid poker I guess. Nothing bad to report.

Went out for ice cream with the kids today. That was cool. Got a really nice card from my son too. I can not help thinking that life is never as good as when your young though. I mean cmon. The first three Star Wars or the last three? Peppermint Ice Cream was aewsome! Chocolate. MMM! Does not compare now. Are we destined to wear everything out and have life become a faded image of what it used to be? Is there some Magical Paint to restore the color? Or are we left to self medicate ourselves with Booze and Weed and hope that things will be fine? Ahh well.. whatever.. does it really matter in the long run?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lmao fwalg. I think the same way. Life is all about bigger better faster, when is it going to end?


9:55 PM


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