Monday, June 06, 2005

ChiefTokem Shoots and Scores!

First off Congrats to BigChiefTokem on his 8th place finish in the 2/0 MTT. If he had listened to me more he might have finished 5th like me. Ha! Just kidding Chief, you did goot! Of course I am dragging at work now. The whole crew was there for a while, Joos, Veneno and I. Only the Chief made the money this time though. In a weird fluke he was placed at my table for about 5 hands.

I wanted to amend my guidelines a little bit. When I was talking about how many chips you should accumulate each break it was very general. I mean if your on that pace then good. It makes the rest of the game easier. If not, do not panic. All you really need to do is stay enough ahead of the blinds to let you see a few limping hands. Once the blinds catch you, it becomes all in or nothing, and sometimes you need to go all in with weak hands. Not much fun, and eventually it will catch up to you. I am still enjoying the MTT circuit and briefly went up over $300 in my bankroll last night. I fell back to $288 when my KK crushed a JJ but in turn was crushed by AA. Blah. I actually got a little annoyed by the AA player. He waits 2-3 minutes before calling my all in. I hate to tell you people, but just play the game. There are standards in the Poker rule and doing crap like that is un-cool. Intentionally slowing the game down or adding “Drama” is for morons and jerkoffs. I hope he loses his whole bankroll. I can teach him how if he wants.

I want to keep my MTT streak alive. I have placed ITM in 5 MTTs in the past two weeks. I would like to keep it going this week. We shall see if I am able to. I really feel my game has gone to another level though and I have a shot. Wish me luck.


Anonymous Veneno said...

Another exciting night!!! It was fabulous to witness Chief make it to the final. A victory well deserved Chief!

I am totally amazed by anyone who has the patience to make it in the money in these MTT.

You guys rock!!

4:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for watching me you guys. It was really fun. Keep up the winning streak, Team Veneno baby!!


8:59 PM

Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

When is ChiefBigToke finally going to register with Blogger and stop with the Anonymous comments?

2:10 AM


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