Friday, June 03, 2005

Not da Bubble Boy

Well another MTT money finish. Geek why didn’t you tell me this is so easy? Lol. It was a cheap finish. I placed 30th in the 1250 Freeroll. Only 30 paid. I beat out Hot_Cock for the honor of not being bubble boy. Unfortunately I had about 9K left after that and ohhhhh 9K worth of blinds with three hands to go. So I had to settle for QTo, push, and hope. Nope. I won a whole 12.50 too. Woo hoo! Otherwise last night was kind of crappy. I do not think I had a lot of patience. Oh well. Tonight I sleep and tomorrow night I play again! I almost forgot too, it has been a year of Blogging I believe so I owe a nice post and the origin of my name.


Blogger Diboss said...

Finally! we get to know the meaning of the name...

8:02 AM


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