Friday, June 03, 2005

One Year

Wow. A year. I actually have 23 more days until my official year so you guys can find a really nice birthday present. I remember when I started playing Poker. So wide eyed and excited about the easy money. Man have things changed. I think I have a more realistic view, if not a better outlook towards the game. The very first post. A declaration of my goals for my game.

I decided to start playing online poker for several reasons.

A. It is fun. The excitement when you call all in is amazing. You never know if your hand is really going to win, and as those cards start appearing, your heart starts racing, the endorphins kick in, it is a real rush!
B. It seems easy. Watching on television, and then playing in free tournaments online it seemed very easy to win. Before I ever picked up a book and tried to figure out how to play, I was winning in free tournaments.
C. You can make money. I am still trying to get to the point where it would be profitable. I will keep everyone posted as to my win/loss state as I progress in the game, but I think you can make decent amounts of money online.

Jeeze what a gambooler. Lol. Man how things have changed too. It’s less fun. It’s not easy. I am still not sure if I ever will make any money playing this game. Who knew that people would actually be reading the blog back then. I went around to all the good guys, the Iggs and Paulies of the world and scrounged up links, and slowly, but surely, build up a small loyal following. Thanks Guys!

Saturday June26th: Over 175 now
After hovering around 140 for a while, I finally had a good day. Pushed myself up to $175 playing 5/1 tourney. I seem to do well in these. I have finished 3 1st, 1 3rd, and a few out in the last few days. I am going to move up to $10 for a hand or two. Try and take some bigger pots.

Wow. I am back there again. I have about 196 online. It somehow doesn’t seem as exciting.Once you have had a stack it is hard to go back. Can you see the patterns even back then. Good Night. Yay. Bad Night. Blah. Up/Down/Up/Down. It is amazing I ever made any money at poker.

Thursday July22nd: My First MTT Win
Ran down the river. Some bad calls. Had trips against A5 straight. Went out at 3AM. 3rd Place. $225. Not too shabby for a free roll. I think I did the Bloggers proud!

This is one of my biggest scores in an MTT so far. It was a limit MTT and it was a freebie. Almost half the field never showed up so I ran up a 10K chip lead before I have to play anyone. Very nice! Anyway I played well and won. It was a lot of fun. You should really read July if you have not. MUCHO TILT TALK. Man. Not too much has changed either. Lol. Oh well. Whatcha gonna do.

Tuesday August 3rd: Royal Straight Flush

I do not get many of these. Actually two in probably over 100,000 hands of Poker. I may have played more. Not sure of the exact numbers. A lot of the time these do not pay off. Make sure you ask for the Party Poker Royal Flush Club Hat. LMAO!

Sunday August 1st First Bustout

This is fun to read. There is nothing worse than busting out. It usually happens after an all night bender, or late into the night. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth and you keep smacking yourself mentally. Why did I do that? I am getting a little more used to it as I have gone through three rolls to date. When I busted out my first roll I learned my lesson. For a very long time. However, eventually, it came back. The first roll had gotten to about 1200 at one point. Very nice stack. I recently busted out another 1200 stack. However that one only took a few weeks to make. I had a nice NL run ending in a horrible one. Nice. The first one definitely hurt more. The first one really got me to play within my means. Too bad it didn’t last.

Friday December 11th: MTT Score
Well.. I think I was abandoned by all the Bloggers. I finished 4th place in the 5K guarenteed tourney. Pay day: $450. Minus Glyphs cut. I was 4th place with 50K left. I had a flush draw and decided to go all in. I did this mostly because I was tired and was not thinking. I really needed someone there to keep me focused.

You bastards! Heh. A very nice finish for me. I think this actually is my second best win in an MTT. However it could be the top score. I now have Gordo and Joos and even YosoyVeneno to keep me company at my final tables. It makes a big difference.

Friday January 28th, 2005-06-03
Well I hate to say this but you all deserve the truth from me: I blew my bankroll again! You know the old story. I started on a small downturn to around 2200 and decided to really screw-up. The old tendencies came back and before I knew it I was out. Well, not totally. I think I have 50 bucks to rebuild with. I did take out some money before the crash too. Not nearly enough though.

This is the big one. The huge bustout. Wow. Still hurts. I am not sure I am totally past it. I think so. It would be so nice having 3K now though. Oh well. This is what going up levels and trying to win quicky buys you. I am not sure if I can ever get to the point where the winning does not matter. I am way too competitive or something. I hate to lose. It effects my game in a lot of little ways. Calling bets when I know I am beat just to see. Wild swings sometimes. A lot of things. Who know’s if I will ever overcome these short comings and actually be a serious player. I will have to wait and see.

I have probably blown over 5K in bankrolls in a year. Not bad! It HAS to be a record. However I have also made over 5K in bankrolls. With the exception of a few Bloggers I believe this also could be a record. On the good side of things I have only invested $300 cash in the whole thing. So I am basically dead break even over a year. Not too bad for a year of entertainment.

Oh yeah, the name thing.

Sir: Met a chick (probably a 12 year old boy) on Empire poker back in the play money table days. Her name was Lady Somethingorother, so when I switched to Party with her I changed my name to Sir.
FWA: My Clan from the old Quake Days. Fraggers With Attitude. John came up with it. Lame ass. BTW: A frag is a kill in Quake.
LGMan: The Lone Gunman. Sniper of the team. Nothing better in Quake:Team Fortress then lining up that red dot on someone’s head and pulling the trigger. Man did I love that game!

So you’re all probably disappointed but at least it really does have some meaning. It’s been a crazy year. The best part is all the people I feel I know through the blog. The worst part is probably the Poker, lol. The jury is still out on your good pal Sir and we shall see. We shall see.


Blogger Storm said...

Hey Sir,

Ive busted out numerous times as you may know and gotta tell you the 100th time hurts just as much as the 1st. Right now im mainly playing freerolls to get better at MTT's, Ive final tabled last 2 at full tilt getting 4th and 6th. Of course it only payed anything for 1st.
I think im doing pretty good in MTT's and getting the hang of playing the big stack, havent had to go into final table as the small stack so cant help you there. GL rest of year Sir.

3:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a lame name dude. Joke. Happy Anniversary man!


10:12 PM

Anonymous surflexus said...

Hey Sir, I enjoy reading your blog and I wish you the best of luck. It was cool running in to you in the multi Saturday night...take care Surflexus

10:44 PM

Blogger April said...

I love how you slip this one in while everyone is in Vegas...sneaky bastard.

12:42 AM

Blogger Diboss said...

Aren't you a little old for quake? :-p

Nice to finally know the name though. Congrats on making a year posting regularly too. Build that bankroll back up, and avoid busting it again.

11:30 AM

Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

Fraggers with Attitude? That's pretty lame. I dig the Lone Gunman bit, though. Congrats on the year. Keep up the grind.

2:07 AM

Blogger jamyhawk said...

glad to finally get the explanation. I never knew the name thing.

12:32 PM


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