Tuesday, June 28, 2005

State of Poker Affairs

Poker is a strange beast. We all want to win every hand. If we lead out with the best hand we expect to win. The funny thing is that even in the height of my winning streak I was only winning around 54% of the time. The edge to being a winning player is very thin. Over time, as the bankroll builds and you can play higher stakes the edge you have can actually make you some money. So it once was so it shall be again. I hope. I have started climbing up the hill a little. I bought in a few weeks ago for $200 and have doubled my investment. I have not had any really bad nights. Tilt has been under control. I have been playing a lot of different NLHE games including tourneys, SNGs, and cash games.

I tend to be doing very well in the SNGs. Especially the 5/1 version. I seem to be able to take first every 2-3 games. I have yet to have the same consistency at the higher level games; however I play them far less. I will probably switch to the 10/1 games once the roll gets over $500 or so. I also intend to start hitting the 50/NL tables when the bankroll gets over $600 or so. The key to SNGs is absolutely playing tight and catching a few hands.

The cash games can be fun. I am becoming a true believer in fish tagging and hunting. It is amazing how much money you can make off of certain players. Hopefully they have good jobs and will not run out.

I have given up on limit for the moment. I just have no patience for the .50/1 level of limit. Seven people in on every flop and someone calling a draw to the river EVERY SINGLE TIME just does not appeal to me. I think my style of play is too passive for this level. I see the evil hands that can beat me on every flop and do not re-raise people enough. So screw limit for now. I will try and revisit it at the 2/4 level since I truly believe that 5/10 Short limit games are ATM machines IF you can control yourself.

Veneno has told me I used to write more Poker strategy posts and now I just cry all the time. Probably true. However it is hard to advise other people when you are a LOSER. I used to have A LOT of confidence that you could build a bankroll and be successful at poker. Just play the correct way and everything will work out. I have lost a lot of that confidence and will need to really prove to myself that I can do it. I know certain bloggers are very good at making money playing poker. I used to think I was one of them. Now I feel like it remains to be seen.


Anonymous Veneno said...

I would love to see you prove you can make money at this game!

7:30 PM

Anonymous mery said...

great site, Cool, I'll add you to my favorites and link up to you.

4:56 AM


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