Thursday, June 23, 2005


Well.. My 2/0 experience tonight was pretty bad. I had 4K in chips. I get the excellent cowboys. I am like 100 from the mooonay. All 1.36 of it. So I push. The blinds were low enough that I did not have to. Unfortionatly for me I pushed against AA. Suck. Oh well. I am happy with my play.

I also got killed in a 5/1 SNG. Usual shit. Played two hands. AK s00ted. K5 S00ted calls my huge raise and catches a 5 on the flop. I then get my chips up to 1500 with 5-6 left. I have 99. I bet huge. She calls me again. The flop is ALL LOW CARDS, lower than a 9. I bet hard. She raises. I PUSH HER ALL IN, AAAAAND she calls. With? QTo of course. Anyone wanna guess what the river was?

My next one was even better. Everyone is checking down hands to the river. I catch a 5 for a set, and push, only to be called by 24o. Straight. Of course. Was not expecting that one.


Blogger Diboss said...

Was it a Q? or a T? damn the suspense man, just tell us :-)

11:36 AM


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