Friday, July 01, 2005

Inconsistant but good

Well the good steak continues on. It is nice to be playing SNGs and cash as my main sources of income. One night my SNG skills suck, and my cash games make me a ton, the next night my cash game sucks and my SNGs are rocking.

Last night I was all over the place. No, this is not a sob story. First table I am at I have eleven bucks left. No terrible plays. A little calling down. Too much calling when I KNEW the guy hit his flush EVEN THOUGH I made it cost him twelve bucks to get there. So I have this eleven bucks and I limp in as the BB with 24o. The flop is a nice A3. Cool. So the betting is minimal and the river is my AEWSOME 6 to make my straight! So I go all in. I get called. Wait. I have the nut straight? Where is the money going. Oops. A2346 does not make a straight does it? One buyin down.

I go to the next table and my very first hand there are two spades on the flop. I have high pockets. I push. The guy thinks. Some more. Calls me. Flips over an OESD and does not improve. SWEET! Even! The table folds soon after.

I finally hit my third and last table. In a combination of bad calling station plays and getting sucked out on I get beaten down to $4. So screw it. All in. I get a caller. I double. I work my stack back to $31. Sweeet! I get sucked out on a little. Make a few bad calls. Back to $4. By this time the table has switched over to a new group of people. All in. Three times. I chip back to $9. I then cool down a little and get pocket K’s. Since I have been doing it so often I push. I get called by the same guy who has called me three times before. He doubles me again! Sweet! Back to $18. I play solid after that and eek out some small wins. Veneno sits down. She has Pocket Js. Overs on the board. She pushes. Hits a J on the river to suckout on a lower boat. Fish! Although she had here solid times, she sucked out A LOT of hands. She could not be beat. I am glad I only went up against her once. I had a set of Kings and they held up. I think she drove the table to madness, or perhaps it was the beer, but I ended up taking $60+ away and she sucked $130 from the table. OMG! She is an awesome SNG player, and lucky fishy cash gamer. She is the reason I yell and scream at my monitor when people ignore pot odds and try and catch their two outers. Ok. I think maybe I am picking on her too much. She is not that bad. Dammmnnn though. Nice night girl!

So while I was in the midst of these major battles at the cash game I fired up a few 5/1 SNG games. No luck. So I try one 20/2 and take first. Sweet! I was unstoppable. Sometimes in these things you just get all the cards and all the breaks. I entered a second one and came in fourth. So far I have 2-3 fourths and 2 firsts. Not too bad.

So the bankroll climbs to $570+ and steadily grows. No major tilt. No meltdowns. The 25/NL table loses are containable when they happen. Solid play abounds some nights. Overall things are going well on the Poker front. I am going to start mixing in a 50/NL table every night and ease into that. I also will play at least one 20/2 SNG a night as long as they stay profitable. I have passed on the 2/0 MTT lately. It was just getting boring. I will give it another shot soon though.


Blogger littleacornman said...

Good work Sir.Glad your bankrolls heading the way it should be.

I hope you don't mind me leaving my poker/life blog address on this page.I've also linked to your blog on my post today.Hope you're ok with that.I've enjoyed reading your adventures for a few months now and you've inspired me to give it a go.

Thanks and gl at the tables.

2:07 PM

Anonymous Veneno said...

It is good to see you building up your bank! I wanna see you play with the big boys again and show me how it is done.

Yes, I may be a lucky fish...but you are gonna have to work to catch up to my bank

I have a great time playing with you...and once in a while even learn something.

Looking forward to much more success for us both at the tables.

12:06 AM

Blogger Tully Moxness said...

I love good steak, too! :L

5:24 PM


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