Friday, September 02, 2005


So.. started the night out slow. Lost a 5/1 SNG. Kind of hard to do. I basically had 3 hands in a row with AJ and twice I ended up facing AA. The other time I just lost. I was a little too trigger happy.

I then played a few 25/cash games. I started out really well. I got alot of good hands. I was up to just under $100. Then I got a bunch of suckouts and lost most of that. You know the story. Nut flush gets creamed by runner-runner tens that make someone a boat. That kind of thing. I put in a buck for the limit-holdem 10K qualifier and decided to blow my last 33 bucks on a 30/3 SNG. I know. I know. Bad Sir. At least I am starting to see some patterns in my play.

So I play my ass off in this SNG and end up scoring first place. Nice. I blew a little on a 10/1 SNG but I ended the nite at $139ish. Up more than double what I started with. Not bad. Ok, not the way to make money in the long run, but I will take it.

I am thinking I should just accept my faults. Tilt as much as I want. Play as high a limit as I feel like. Go on a run. Cash out some money. Start over again when I bust out. I mean if I am going to do it anyways I might as well embrace my weaknesses.

Oh yeah, that limit SNG. I finished 38th place. It gets REALLY hard towards the end when thr blinds are 1K and you have 2-3K left. You just need to pick a hand and go with it. I could have done better. I had pocket 2's and about 2K left. The flop definatly had me beat. However I had so little left I should have probably just gone for it. Instead I folded and a two hit the turn. Oh well. Instead of having like 6K I ended up going out with AT on the next hand.


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