Sunday, September 04, 2005

Every which way you can

I played all forms of deviant Poker yesterday. I played two SNGs. Bubbled one one and got majorly sucked out on another for a sucky seventh place finish.

I played 25/NL. I did better with that. I waited for several hours and then doubled up against a moron.

I played ½ limit poker. I only need 70xBB right? Ha! (**Please note if you have never read this blog before please do not play ½ limit with less than 300xBB). I played well. I sucked out on someone. That was my only bad play of the day. He had Q7o and I had pocket T’s. I raised pre-flop and he and another guy called. The flop was Qxx. This guy had been aggressive with weak or non-existent hands so I decide for some reason he is bluffing. The other guy in the pot is calling his bets too. So the pot builds up to a nice $23 and I river my ten. I swear that was my only bad play. Really. Of course it was most of my $20 profit for the session too.

So the bankroll rises to around 160. I embrace my weakness and wait to score or bust out. On a better note:

#Game No : 2644793830
***** Hand History for Game 2644793830 *****
NL Texas Hold'em Trny:15402326 Level:11 Blinds (400/800) - Saturday, September 03, 03:12:45 EDT 2005
Table $500K Qualifier(445715) Table #1 (Real Money)

Player MBLarry finished in 12 place and received $0
Player Croehart finished in 11 place and received $0
Player yosoyveneno finished in 10 place and received $0
Congratulations Players you have reached the Final Table
Game #2645047156 starts.

Congratulate Yo Soy Veneno! She will be playing in the 500K this weekend. Today as a matter of fact. On Party Poker. Give her a shout out and wish her the best of luck if you get a chance!


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