Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Limit Laughers

KQ s00ted. Pre-Flop raise. Five callers. AJQ flop. I bet out. I get 4 callers. Now I know I am in trouble. A 3 of hearts on the turn. I check. Checks around to button. Button bets $1. Now I am getting odds to make my straight draw, since, possibly the K would help me. Sorta loose. Not the worse call. So I call and the guy behind me calls. We lose one player. A 6 of hearts on the river. One better. One call. I fold. The guy who was being all aggressive had A7o. Against a raise. The guy who started out passive had Q3 hearts for a runner-runner flush.

Guy has A2o. Raises pre-flop AND calls me down all the way to the river where he spikes his 3rd 2 against my pockets.

Raise pre-flop. Get called by two. I bet out. I get called by two. I hit a K on the turn. I get called by two when I bet. The river is an A to give me two pair, I bet and call the raise. Of course some moron had QJo for the runner-runner straight.

SO after that fun day I decided to …. “Embrace my Weakness!”. What the hell. I have $100 left in the account. So I play a 50/5. Logical. Right? Hey, read the past post. So anyway I will not claim to have played any exceptional poker. All my AK’s held up. Veneno and Gordo told me to call a 1K bet near the end with a6o. The other guy had 46o and that is how I took third place. Basically the next hand some guy pushes against my A7d. I call. He flips Q5 and my hand holds up. So now I am sitting with 6775 in chips and one guy left. We danced a little. However it never was in question. I took him out with AJo vs K6c! WOO HOO! So the bankroll sits at $250.


Anonymous Veneno said...


You deserve the win. Now build it into a respectable amount..lol!

8:23 PM

Blogger littleacornman said...

Nice one Sir!
Great result.
I hope its the start of a good run for you.

2:39 AM

Blogger trumpjosh said...

Nice restart SirF. Sorry to hear about the gout. I am back to blogging as well... check out http://armchairfisherman.blogspot.com/ if you get a chance. GL!

4:39 PM


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