Friday, September 09, 2005

We are the champions!

It is the season for champions! Are the Patriots AMAZING or what. I have never in my life had a football team this good. I really hope we get the third win. I mean not only have we dominated in an era of parity but what a team. I think the key to the team is good scouting and taking average to good players and putting them in a system that makes them exceptional. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.. the Red Sox probably have not been in first place this late in my life either!!!!

WHAT THE HELL! I just got distracted. No, it was not by taking second in a 5/1 SNG when J4 flopped second pair, called my 2K all in on a KJ6 flop, when I had KT, I was counting my chips, when a four hit the river. Curses!

No, what distracted me was me having AK. Two bucks pre-flop. Two callers. The flop is Q7T. I decide to bet out the pot when nobody puts any money in. Position is good. That puts seven bucks in. It also leave me with 14 left. I get TWO callers. Hello? Ya.. Two people in the hand. Two callers. Ya know?

So the turn is a King. I decide I have to push. So I do. I get called by BOTH guys. Now one guy only had a couple bucks left so ok. The other guy had $14 left. Like me. So what do these losers show? One guy had KJ for a weak king. At least he had something. The other guy had T9. Ok. He has a double-bellied-gut-sucker draw but what was he thinking calling off his whole stack of $23 on a draw? Oh well God bless. The bankroll of $348 thanks you too.

Time to rathole. However, before I go, checkout She even has a post up. Not bad. Very amusing. She did not with the 500K but still, she is fun to read.


Blogger Veneno said...

Cool..your roll is building..sounds like you had a great night. The fish are finally getting what they deserve!!

Thanks for the compliments on my new blog!

9:34 PM


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