Wednesday, October 19, 2005

2500 Guarenteed or something..

So. Freaking. Tired. SirFWALGMan.. the Wafflenator, has just placed 3rd in this fine contest. +300 in the bankroll. I would amaze you with my wonderous wins but basically I had a jackass at my table. He rebought 6 times. He gave me 4 of those. I made an early mistake pushing QQ vs KK. Ouchie.

I chipped up slowly. Had 4K after the break. Hung in there until 20 left. Doubled up with A4o. I was a small stack. K9 called me. Hung in until final table.

Got some nice hands which got me as high as 2nd chips stack. Went all in with 22 when I had 48K, 4K blinds. I was second chip stack. KQo caught her Q. No 2 for me. That hurt me. I hung in until the 4th guy went out. I then pushed with AK vs KK and even though I made 4 spades for some excitement, I never caught the Ace to take second. So I ended up out in 3rd. A well played game for the most part.



Blogger trumpjosh said...

Congrats again SirWiffleWaffle! It was fun sweating you at the end. I think the 22 play was the right one, despite what Veneno says. You were already well in the money and couldn't get knowcked out by losing the hand. On the flip side, win that coin flip and you have a HUGE chip stack and a great shot at winning the whole thing.

Now, let's not go blow this win at 15/30, m'kay?


8:21 AM

Blogger Meek said...

Nice win! Too bad I mostly cashed out of Titan, I could have helped you along in this one. I'll have to get some money back there.

8:28 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Excellent score, my man. I can tell you are going to BURN UP the blogger tourney this Sunday.

8:57 AM

Blogger WillWonka said...

so tell me why was pushing with QQ a mistake against KK. This is the whole point of my blog today. You obviously didn't know he had KK did you?

10:03 AM

Blogger SetAces said...

Keep on truckin.... I expect to hear about more of these wins soon!

10:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job Fwalg. You have been getting some decent scores lately in MTT's. Congrats. I may have to put up with Titan's shitty software and try to catch me some fish over there.


1:26 PM


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