Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Justice Served?

Poker has been slow. Up. Down. Down. Up. Running at $1230 right now. Down from $1300 after the cash. Of course in order to cash out you need to send your 1st child to Titan Poker. It's ok, he is a bit of a trouble maker anyways. Just kidding!!! I love that kid!

Before I commence with a little personal update, can anyone tell me why the Wiggles look like retards from a Star Trek convention? No? Good.

So I am working away, toiling, and making money programming the other day when I glance over at my cell phone. I have a message. Ok. So I start listening and it is my mother. She starts telling me that the court wants to lock my sister away for six months and I have to stop them and do something.

Now, for those of you who have read this Blog, you many remember around Christmas. It was then that my sister took a credit card receipt from a gift I gave her and started charging up 2K worth of stuff on my card. Umm.. ok. My parents would have paid the bill and let her get off without so much as a wrist slap. Homey doesn’t play that game though. I called Citibank and the police and pressed charges. After all of these months it seemed like the amazing Houdini was going to escape once again. However there seems to be a slight chance she will have to face up to the consequences. This is something my parents never made her do. I have some hope it will smarten her up. A month in jail has to change you somehow. However she will probably just come out blaming me for her misfortune. Woes her. So should I visit her in jail?

In my typical fashion I am ignoring the situation, returning no calls, and waiting for this thing to resolve itself. I really get annoyed that my mother would even consider asking me to do anything. I also am not sure how dumb she is thinking that, even if I was inclined to step in, I could do anything. It is out of my hands. It is in Citibank and the courts hands. I will keep you posted.


Blogger iggy said...

Although the Wiggles make me want to stick my head in the sand and not come up for air, they do serve one huge purpose in my household.....they keep my two girls entertained, especially if you play one of their hour-long videos. This of course lets dad play poker for about an hour. So in a roundabout way, I must thank the Wiggles, even though they do look like some genetic experiment gone bad.

7:16 AM

Blogger SetAces said...

If I had a sister that tried to rack up 2k in bills on my card, I'd be at her door with a damn shotgun. :P

Stand your ground.

12:35 PM

Blogger TraumaPoker said...

Credit card fraud is serious, and if she can do it to family that is fucked up. Please read my blog for futher instructions on how to ruin my life.

5:05 PM


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