Friday, October 14, 2005

Gary again

Played some 2/4. Won a little. Played a tourney. Lost a little. Played an SNG. Won a little. So I decide to try out a 5/10 table. I played for a few hours. Getting my stack down to $30 at one point. Until I hit some good cards and brought it back to $251. For a nice profit of $1.

I then see my favorite fish on. Gary Cox! Just kidding. He is a decent player most of the time. I decide to sit down with him. He did not do too well that night. Too much calling down with second pair or something. I can see why he did this. We had a very fishy, bluffing table. For instance here are two hands in a row. I get KK in the EP and raise it. It gets 3-bet and capped. I am HU with a REALLY bad player. I cap a low-card flop, I cap the turn, I bet the river and he calls. I win.

Next hand. Veneno is at our table. She gets Rockets. Same guy. She pounds the pot. His K6 beats her ass when it flops two pair.

So which play was right? Both. Sometimes the fish get lucky though. Not last night. Not with me. I have another fish. He keeps raising me. Bluffing his ass off. So I am doing fairly well, up over $50 at this point. Doubling my buyin. I have QT s000ted. The flop gives me a gutshot. I bet out, he raises, I re-raise. Turn gives me a flush draw too. He bets, I raise, he calls. River is an Ace. I bet. He cold calls. My Q high wins. What the hell? I fully expected to lose, especially with the river call, but I value bet and won. Weird. He must have been on the lower straight draw. The one which my straight would have kicked in the junk.

It was that kind of night on that table though. I ended up trippling my buyin, and after a quick hit-and-run this morning the bankroll stands at a nice 1400. Now all I need to do is send 3 drops of blood so Titan can identify me and they will send me a check.


Blogger GaryC said...

Absolutely correct. Gary had a bit too much buzz on last night and should have left that table alot earlier.

Damn, it was a fishy table, though.

Next time.


6:52 AM

Blogger Meek said...

Veneno moved up to 5/10 . . . Is she a student of your teaching?

7:19 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Just to clarify, my Favortite fish was on a 1/2 table. This was after I won the whole dollar at the 5/10 table, and was looking to cool down for the night.

9:56 AM

Blogger Veneno said...

Yeah...that was just my luck with the rockets!

4:36 PM


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