Saturday, October 08, 2005

7500 Guarenteed

Boy that break lasted a long time. Here is what happened. Titan Poker calls me on the phone and asks that I play in the 7500 guarenteed. Well, since Mr. Poker called me what could I do? So I played.

I made one mistake the whole game. I only went in with a hand that was behind once. It was AQ vs AK late in the game. I was ITM and had about 10bb. I pushed and the guy next to me called with AK. I got really lucky when the board double paired and we tied.

The rest of the game I played really well. I got some suckouts. Like when I pushed with AK vs AT and the guy calls his whole stack and sucks out a straight on the river. That guy actually went out 8th. Yours truely went out 7th with J8o. I had no choice really. Had less than 2 blinds left. Had to push. A4 won. So at least it was a 33/66? Ok, so I dont really know the odds. I scored $303 minus my $60 for the buyin and Add-on and WALLA! The bankroll teaters at 1471. Go Sir?


Blogger Veneno said...

Very nice!! Congratulations on the growing bankroll.

And no TILT? double WOW..

5:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:38 PM

Blogger littleacornman said...

Excellent result Sir.
Nice one!

8:18 AM


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