Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Just an Average Night.. (PHEWHHHWW)

No excitement tonight folks. Continue along. Nothing to see here. Thank God. I just did what I should do every night. Risked $50 by playing 1 20/3 SNG, taking 3rd for four bucks. Playing 1/2 Limit. Taking $25. Playing a different table of 1/2 and taking $10. Grinding away.

Then playing a 10/1 10-Sided SNG and taking first. That was pretty exciting. I just kept hitting hands. I chipped up to almost 4K with 6 people left and did not go crazy with power. I kept out of the way. Every 10-15 hands I would do a blind steal with a moderatly good hand. Keeping myself about even. It finally got down to four players with two of us having 9K and the other two having 1K combined. Once we each dispatched on enemy we set upon each other. It started as a love feast. He was complementing me on my great play, I was telling him how he made a great comeback after losing some chips to me. Kiss. Kiss. As I took his chips. I got some damn good hands. I slow played some kings, and ended up flopping a set and turning a boat. That was cool. I played even. I let him take my blinds several time. Finally the flop was 553 and I had T3. I know it is not a great hand but I had a feeling. So when he pushed I called and he turns over a straight draw. I hold out and that is all she wrote.

So we are up a nice $89 or so for the night. Topping just over 1K again. About even with what I had when I hit-and-ran the 30/60 table. So we continue to grind. We shall see how it goes.

I am trying to keep myself in check by only risking $50 a night. I can spend it any way I want. SNGs, Ring, Tourney, whatever. Once I lose the $50 it is over. If I win, I can buyin for that much more in a ring game or whatever I like. I have tried this method before. It is very hard for me, but we shall see.


Blogger GaryC said...

THAT sounds like a plan, Sir. Well done last night and stick to your plan.


8:25 AM

Blogger Veneno said...

Excellent! Glad to know you are thinking of ways to manage your bankroll. That is a good first step. Stick with it!

Congrats on your successful evening. Keep up the good work and continue with your grind into a nice bankroll. That type of discipline is impressive!

I wish you the best of luck!!!!

2:03 PM


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