Friday, September 30, 2005


Damn Veneno and her pyramid schemes. Cmon Girl! At least warn me that Poker Stars is only holding a Blogger Tourney so they can get free advertising. If any of you other Bloggers want to join go ahead, but I am warning you that you must deface your Blog with Poker Stars advertising.

Anyway, I filled out the damn form so fuck it, here it is. I swear if I get you at my table I am taking you out:

Poker Championship

I have registered to play in the
Online Poker Blogger Championship!

This event is powered by PokerStars.

Registration code: 7609581


Blogger Veneno said...

um...Did I force you?..Are you an Adult?..btw..I was just following the crowd..everyone is in..

And as for taking me out..BRING IT ON!!

7:57 PM

Blogger April said...

Oh quit your bitching!!! It's not like anyone reads this blog anymore anyway. ;)

8:39 PM

Blogger surflexus said...

lol..they got us Sir. See ya there.

8:02 PM

Blogger norazila said...

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12:42 AM


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