Monday, October 03, 2005

Disagree? Who me?

"takes criticism at face value? now there's a peanut gallery. you are talking abot a guy, who, if you held $10,000 out in your hand and told him, "all you need to do is reach out with your right hand, and take this money, and it's yours." he would sit for a minute, say, "no you are wrong, i'll will take it with my left hand." and he will lose it . . .

i have first hand experience with this person. i have interacted with him face to face, and i have seen him interact with many people (mostly unrelated to poker), and it's always the same. if he has a question about something, any feedback or answers he receives are met with, "that's not true." "i'm not sure if that's right." "hmm, well i'll try it this way, because i think it's better."

LMAO. I wonder two things. Who the heck are you, and what comment did you reply to? If you want to leave your initials and the initals of where we worked together that would be interesting otherwise you can keep being a pussy.

This is kind of a catch 22. If I disagree about me disagreeing all the time then I am making his point? If I agree then I lose anyways. I will say there is some truth in this from a superficial point of view. Do I like to argue? Damn straight! It is fun. I actually enjoy the mental exercise of making people explain there positions, of taking contrary positions just because I can. The funniest part about me though is I do take criticism. Perhaps not outwardly but I am very contemplative and if you bring up a point I may seem to dismiss it, or make you think your reasoning out to a deeper level, but I will also take it to heart and fully consider all sides. So anyway.. some truth to it? sure. No where near enough insight on the subject though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops . . . was talking about the rhymes with poker guy---sorry for the misunderstanding.

10:13 PM


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