Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oh My Word

Even more incredible than my winning yesterday is the fact that BigChiefTokem has started a Blog. Wow!

Anyway, back to my favorite subject, ME! You can read all about my amazing win on the Tao of Poker, Pauly as always has a great writing style for these things. Does anyone really need an intro to SirWaffle though? I thought not. I may actually try to do a real-world style writeup next time.

My worthy opponent Presdlee has a nice writeup.

Another worthy opponent has yet to put a writeup.. but I was very impressed by her final table play, good job Kat!

Really the whole final table was tough and it took alot of effort and patience to beat them. I am very impressed.

If anyone else has any writeups let me know.. I will for sure read them and put a link to them. I have to say winning any event with Bloggers is like winning a huge event, maybe not the WSOP, because millions of dollars would be better than beating you guys, but it feels really good. It is one of my best Poker moments ever I would say.

I noticed a lot of comments about Table Tilt lately and not laying down hands. It is fine that people think that way but it is going to be to your detriment when you play against me. I actually rarely every tilt on a table. The majority of my tilt has nothing to do with playing the game and everything to do with the outside of the game factors that make or break players.

I also lay down alot of really good hands. I make mistakes. I get too aggressive sometimes trying to bust people when I have a good stack. Do not mistake what I consider a good intuition for not being able to drop a hand. A good example of that would be the last hand of the tourney. I had second pair. When the flop came I said "I am going to check this hand, and then when Gary bets 12,000, I am going over the top of him and winning this thing". Could he have had the Jack or better? Yes. However every fiber in my being said I was ahead and I went with it.

I really think there are only a few time where this hurts me. Take the hand against Iggy where I busted him. I had Ace high nothing and the Blogfather was betting into me hard. I knew I was ahead. Again this was all intuition. I was however not very far ahead. Iggy could have caught any number of outs and crushed me again. So what do you do? Do you lay down the winning hand and wait for something better or do you go for it and accept the fact you were ahead when the chips went in? I have not come to any conclusions here yet, and there are definately times when I should let my hand go.. but you cant read instinct in a Poker book and I am happy to work through the mechanical issues.


Blogger Veneno said...

Enjoy the moments where your instincts and skill get you to top. You played an incredible game. It was great to see you take it all! Congrats.

1:43 PM

Blogger katitude said...

Sir waffle, it was a great game, and congrats on the win! I'm glad you won, coz, well, I don't get the cheerleader pompoms out for just anybody *grin. And ty for your kind words... honestly that's the best I have ever placed AND the most fun I've had while doing it. See you next week!

6:29 PM

Blogger presidentdavelee said...

Sir Waffle,
Thanks for the kind words and again congrats on the win. Looking forward to next weekend.

5:46 AM

Blogger Derek McG said...

i love how everyone calls you sir waffle now! good job sir F!!!!!

10:14 PM


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