Saturday, November 05, 2005

Poker Gods Repay the KK

The Poker Gods were pissed that they had to let the Blog Father kick my ass in the Blogger tourney so they decided to be nice to me for a change..

I played the 1080 at Stars tonight. I finished a good but somewhat dissapointing 3rd place. I was a HUGE stack leader at one point, but I think I tried too hard to take people out. I had a 175K to 50K chip lead at one point but I screwed up.

Anyway.. I probably need to adjust my final table strategy. However it was fun to do and worth trying again. One thing that helped me was a point in time when I got like 3 Rockets and 2 Cowboys and they all held up.

Anyway, I will take the $428 and be happy with it. I also plan to do better next time. I was talking strategy with Chick and a Chair, check out her stuff at Card Squad too!! She really makes you think about why you do certain things.

Oh yeah, and 7th in the 1K turbo on Titan. Almost forgot that one.. so I should be 3 for 3 today. Not so bad for a slacker like me.


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