Thursday, November 03, 2005


Drizz: Why dont you go play some more Blackjack man!
(umm, way to kick a guy when he is down?)
Drizz: last tourney of the evening at Party
Drizz: before I go 0 for 6
sirfwalgman: lol
Drizz: Tourneys suck
sirfwalgman: im in the 1K turbo
sirfwalgman: 3700 cheeeps, 200 blinds, 120 left
Drizz: I'm doing 3 tournies a night for a week
sirfwalgman: so you getting in 2 nights tonight?
Drizz: Whiffed at Stars, currently at FT wondering why I'm playing Stud H/L, and shootout at Party in 45 mins

sirfwalgman: LMAO
sirfwalgman: Some tool pushes all in
sirfwalgman: trying to steal blinds
sirfwalgman: with Q4
sirfwalgman: actually called my all in
sirfwalgman: then says "err, I pushed the wrong button"

allimcbeal_69: sir, what is yer fave BJ site? grubby wants to know....
sirfwalgman: Titan Poker
sirfwalgman: Grubby is my man
sirfwalgman: lol

sirfwalgman: Titan just added BJ, cause they were not making enough off my rake
sirfwalgman: slots too
sirfwalgman: lol
sirfwalgman: and some weird 3 card poker game
sirfwalgman: dunno how you play that
resipsa: is it rigged like Party?
sirfwalgman: I would have to say yes
(personal experience you know)
sirfwalgman: but live Blackjack is rigged too

sirfwalgman: lol
sirfwalgman: I fucking push with 5xBB
sirfwalgman: 55
sirfwalgman: AK calls me
sirfwalgman: catches 2 K's
sirfwalgman: I river the 5
sirfwalgman: LMAO
sirfwalgman: I type "This site is rigged"

sirfwalgman: 68 left
sirfwalgman: 20 pay

sirfwalgman: lol
sirfwalgman: wtf?

Texas: who wants to take the over/under on Sir making the money?
sirfwalgman: everyone likes my blog
sirfwalgman: I want 5% off the top
Texas: everyone?

Marge: under
Texas: not so fast there baby
Iggy: ill take some of that
sirfwalgman: 7140 chips
sirfwalgman: 600 blinds
sirfwalgman: gotta know the full details before you bet
Texas: we know it's you
allimcbeal_69: lol
sirfwalgman: lol
Texas: therefore the under is a solid bet
sirfwalgman: I actually can win, just cant keep it
Texas: you don't want to win
Texas: therefore you don't
(I thought you were Poli-sci not Head Shrinker, who knew?)
resipsa: If I ever get any money together, Sir, I want to stake you
sirfwalgman: lol
Texas: WHY?
resipsa: I want to turn my $50 into a lot
sirfwalgman: make sure you get a clause that says I have to pay you at 1K
sirfwalgman: its usually after 1K I get into trouble
sirfwalgman: Im great with a 200 buck roll

sirfwalgman: 45 left
sirfwalgman: 1K blinds
sirfwalgman: 6240 cheeps

sirfwalgman: AKo
sirfwalgman: wish me luck
sirfwalgman: this is it
sirfwalgman: YES!
sirfwalgman: 12480!
sirfwalgman: 40 left
sirfwalgman: T-20 to the over
sirfwalgman: get your bets in
sirfwalgman: Im only making the over to spite Texas

sirfwalgman: KK
sirfwalgman: all in
Iggy: FISH

sirfwalgman: 31 left
sirfwalgman: 11 to the money
pokeramarama: ugh
sirfwalgman: 14K cheeps
sirfwalgman: 2 f*ink K blinds though
Iggy: he cant help it

sirfwalgman: well, so many people put money on the under
sirfwalgman: I didnt want any suspence
resipsa: it'll take you what, 5 hours to finish?
sirfwalgman: it a f*ing turbo, 1hr max

sirfwalgman: 9 mo
Iggy: GO SIR
Iggy: WEEE
Texas: bye y'all
Texas: gl Sir

sirfwalgman: 7 mo
sirfwalgman: ty Texas
sirfwalgman: 5 more

sirfwalgman: im surrounded by huge stacks
Drizz: I need some cards in my cash game
sirfwalgman: karma

sirfwalgman: holding at 5 left
Iggy: hang tight sir
sirfwalgman: 24
sirfwalgman: doubled up with a7o
sirfwalgman: 19500 cheeps
sirfwalgman: 2KJ blinds
ramarama: Don't get all spazzy
sirfwalgman: lol
sirfwalgman: im waiting the tiny guys out
sirfwalgman: 3 stacks 1BB

sirfwalgman: 23 and 2 all in
sirfwalgman: 22

sirfwalgman: woot woot
sirfwalgman: I cleared the over!
sirfwalgman: now lets make some cash
sirfwalgman: oh Drizz, 1 for 1 ..
Drizz: I hate tourneys
Drizz: <---- cash game player

sirfwalgman: 18 and falling fast
sirfwalgman: lol
sirfwalgman: if I was 0 for 6 I would hate tourneys too
sirfwalgman: 16!!!
Drizz: I'm probably 0 for 12 or so
Iggy: make the damn final table and go from there
sirfwalgman: im working it Igs
sirfwalgman: 4 more to final table

Marge: except you are a MORON FLIPSIDE you had a bare K no draw
Marge: fucker
sirfwalgman: I love a gal with opinions

sirfwalgman: im getting ready to push with T3o right about now
sirfwalgman: 13
sirfwalgman: im so fucked though
sirfwalgman: unless I catch a pot
sirfwalgman: 12
sirfwalgman: i gotta push the blind no matter what
sirfwalgman: 4K blinds

sirfwalgman: 1400 cheeps
sirfwalgman: pushed with J6
sirfwalgman: hit 2 pair!
sirfwalgman: flush draw
sirfwalgman: cmon 6!
sirfwalgman: 6!!!
sirfwalgman: BOAT!
sirfwalgman: FUCK ME!
sirfwalgman: 45K!!!!
sirfwalgman: still a small stack
sirfwalgman: 11 left
hrking275: wish I had this much fun playing poker
sirfwalgman: fuck ya! This is my night!
sirfwalgman: maybe you should try harder
resipsa: drink more
resipsa: it's working for me
sirfwalgman: Thats the scary part, I dont drink
sirfwalgman: 10th!
sirfwalgman: WOOT!
sirfwalgman: bringing the bacon home now baby!
sirfwalgman: lol
Scott: whats first pay in that?
sirfwalgman: 375
sirfwalgman: 357
sirfwalgman: Im dyslexic
sirfwalgman: and cant speel
sirfwalgman: the cool thing
sirfwalgman: nobody has a stack
Scott: <---up $441.07 for my session
sirfwalgman: everyone has about the chips I have
sirfwalgman: lol
sirfwalgman: fuck you, you prodigy

sirfwalgman: 9th
sirfwalgman: and dropping like fleas

sirfwalgman: I got an incredibly crazy large stack who will call ANY all in and is lucky enough to win alot of them. Its sweeeet.
sirfwalgman: 3 guys in for 20L
sirfwalgman: crap
sirfwalgman: nobody out
sirfwalgman: 3 all in
sirfwalgman: 8th place
sirfwalgman: so far
sirfwalgman: 100x profit, lol
sirfwalgman: another all in
sirfwalgman: 2 all in
sirfwalgman: 7th place so far
sirfwalgman: only bad thing
sirfwalgman: I am sandwitches between 2 100K stacks
Iggy: riveting
polemarch: rofl
sirfwalgman: YES!
sirfwalgman: 6th!
sirfwalgman: and climbing
sirfwalgman: almost to the ok money
sirfwalgman: 3rd in chips too
sirfwalgman: AJ
sirfwalgman: Im pushing
sirfwalgman: A6 took me down
sirfwalgman: 7K now
sirfwalgman: damn
sirfwalgman: out in 6th
sirfwalgman: of 160
Iggy: you'
Iggy: you shall be a winning player from here on out
sirfwalgman: is this dwarf hypnotism
sirfwalgman: double my bankroll in a day, thats cool
Scott: stay away from guess the card and you will be back to normal soon
sirfwalgman: lol
sirfwalgman: cant I play a little?
Iggy: according to yer blog, no
sirfwalgman: true
sirfwalgman: according to my blog I should only play strip poker with hookers
helix: hookers are costly
helix: stick to catholic school girls
sirfwalgman: I make good scratch
sirfwalgman: mmmm
sirfwalgman: catholic dresses.. my favorite..
he1ix: mm hmm
sirfwalgman: anyway, I am spent, and its time to sleep.. have a good night all..


Blogger April said...

Congratulations. Nice to see my good luck wish did you well. ;)

1:29 PM

Blogger SetAces said...

Great to see you doing well in tournaments! I've really been analyzing my play a lot lately, and I, like you, think that I'm much better suited to SnGs and MTT's. Look forward to your next post!

4:02 PM

Blogger fairnbalncd said...

Reading about MTT's is giving me a chub. May have to add one or two a week and see what happens. Sounded like fun Sir, good play congrats.

6:43 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

I still hate tournaments.

7:02 AM


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