Friday, November 04, 2005

Bubble Boy

I was this close to making the money in my first “blogger” event. I always usually go out in the middle. I am fourth in chips. I am on the bubble. I get KK. Iggy raises me 1800. I push over the top with 4K. He sits back. Thinks. His Guiness muddled thinking skills call my all in. We are nearly even stacks but he covers me by 1K. The cards turn over. My Cowboys against his 10-10 Long Distance.. and the long shot does come through. A ten on the flop and I am basically drawing as dead as he was pre-flop. Out in 19th place. Sir weeps. All I have on Stars is 22 bucks too. So I can play the Pauly event tomorrow and that is it.

I am guessing that Iggy put me on lower pockets or AK because of my large raise. Either that or he felt pot committed or just hates me. I have no idea. Anyway being bubble boy smarts but I got all my chips in with the best hand and feel good about that. I was down to 500 chips at one point so it was a hell of a comeback. I also lost 4K on the hammer and finally dropped one to win a pot successfully once. I had a blast! Thanks Wil!


Blogger alan said...

Did you see him continue the suckouts? It was unbelievable. Lucky for me, I seemed ot be the only one have a hand hold up against him.

1:30 AM


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