Thursday, November 17, 2005

Getting closer..

I have decided to bail a little early from work just to avoid the traffic. So I now plan on leaving at 3:00. I should avoid MOST of the RI traffic (I hope). Nothing I hate worse than sitting in traffic.

Cell Phone is charging. Check.

Thanks for all the comments. I read a little bit about tells. I am for sure splashing the pot when I have AA pre-flop. lol. I have no idea if it will fool anyone but be prepared.

The glasses comment is a cool one, except for a few things:

A) I do not own glasses
B) I hate glasses especially indoors
C) I am currently concerned I will not be able to see the cards as is because my eyesite is somewhat poor, I broke/lost my glasses a few months ago and have not bothered to replace them yet (hey, fugly chicks look alot hotter when you blur them, and lets face it most of them you see during the day are closer to fuggly than model).

Anyway, I hope I do not think a 4 is an Ace and my AK hit the board when it did not. That would be ... interesting ...


Blogger GaryC said...

Bust em up, Sir.


1:01 PM

Blogger presidentdavelee said...

Leaving at 3:00 is early? Hell, if I am at work at 3:00 I start threatening to charge overtime :) (Not that the Navy would ever give me any overtime, my $100 a day is non-negotiable).

3:09 PM


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