Saturday, November 19, 2005

Razz, Spazz, and Easy Money

I played a little Razz on Full Tilt last night. I have no idea why. I just like the game. I did ok. I ended up down a few bucks.. but whatever.. I do not intend it to be a source of income. If anyone can suggest some good tourneys on Full Tilt I would appreciate it.

At the same time I was playing PLO8 on Stars. Man is that a sick game. I have only had 5-6 sessions so far but it seems like a keeper. Basically I have had 1 monster, 4 doubled uppers, and 1 loser. The loser could easily have been a double upper but I made a bad play and started chasing..

I am hoping it keeps going well and the bankroll grows. It seems as if you can really do well in this game just by picking good starting hands and avoiding one phrase "Well.. I think I might have the best hand .. maybe.. ". Those words spell dooooooom in O8. Usually. I did get lucky when a guy with two pair bet the pot against my OESD. A flush turned so I could not bet any more into him, but I scoooooped with my straight on the river. No Low. Two pair. Do not bet ten dollars. Bad idea. It actually helped me because I know someone with a low flush draw dumped their cards to that bet.

So I know it is againt my moto but I am going to see how grinding it out in PLO8 goes for a while. The bankroll is healthy but not staggering. I have $208 on Stars, $51.00 on Full Tilt, and $150 sitting in Firepay.

I also tried to signup for Poker Time. Something went wrong because I can not login. Oh well. Screw them.


Blogger merrymonk said...

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9:07 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

I'll be back playing on Stars probably tonight, let me know if you're on and I'll add in some dead money to the table.

7:38 AM


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