Monday, November 21, 2005

PLO8 Success

I think I am getting better at this game, or luckier.. I basically played for 4 hours, kept my stack up, made a few bad plays, and nursed it to +90 for the night. Not bad for a $40 buyin. I COULDA-WOULDA-SHOULDA been WAYYYY up, except, with my trip Ks, betting HARD the WHOLE WAY, AND A STRAIGHT DRAW, some fishie caught a HIGHER straight on the river.. his excuse? Oh, I thought my set of 3's were good.. ummm.. I will be seeing you soon.

My hand of the day came with Gordo. I had the NUT low with A3, and three people went all in. I was the initiator. When I got two callers I thought I was DOOOOMED. However, fortunate for me, and unfortionate for Gordo, I ended up taking the low by myself, and they split the high.

So in conclusion -- I still suck, but I am getting a feel for PLO8 and it feels good. I am up to 236+ now and the bankroll is heading the right way. I have stopped all MTTs > $5 until I hit $300, and then I will fire up the 180 again. On Full Tilt I am playing anything I can..


Blogger TraumaPoker said...

Glad to see you have bought in to the PLO8 craze and are killing to donkeys with us. Just for you I cracked 1K at that table last night. I put up two posts about it. ARGGGGGG!!!

11:52 PM

Blogger Veneno said...

Congrats. I'm sure you don't suck all that

12:15 AM


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